Installation grid manager for opensim

Keep in mind that you’ve installed xampp. Haven’t you done this?

Now you’ve downloaded Grid Manager and you can install it.
But first you have to extract it,
you can do this with winzip, winrar or any other program you use.
After that you place the files in the folder: (C:/htdocs/) and/ or the folder you’ve created.

If you’ve done this you can execute the installation, you can find it on:

There you’ll see the install page, where we welcome you.

In the bottom of the screen you click on the button. (Next),
after which you’ll go to the next screen. There are a number of fields to be filled with information.

Some of them you’ll need later on to log in.

With the option database settings we need a database. If you go to:,
you’ll see the page: phpmyadmin. There all your database information will be saved. Then you click on the tab: Database.

On the page Database you can enter your new database in the field: (Database name).

There you can enter the following: opensim_wi.

If you want to enter a differant name that’s possible, for example: (My_Database)/

Keep in mind though that if you enter a differant name, you also have to enter this name in the database settings in the install page.
Then click on the button create. If you’ve done all that, you’ll see the page with the data, after which you can log-in on Grid Manager.

Remember to remove the installation folder after you’ve installed it, or change it’s name.

This you can find on: gridmanager/install.

Harrit van Beek

Founder at BOANN
Software Developer at BOANN
System architect at BOANN

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