Installation opensim

Before you can install opensim.

It is important to know if your system is up-to-date with the
last framework required to run on opensim. this is different for each OS (Operating System).
So take a good look at Google and / or the manual for your OS.

When your system up-to-date is you can download opensim.
Google or click on: opensim so that you come directly to the right page.
on the page Download you have several options because the page is not translated into Dutch
We use the English terms so that you can understand it.

In the introduction

All will be explained and what you yourself can read.

In the binary packages
We find all Current release versions that have been released recently
these are in tar.gz and zip, these binary packages are always safe to work with
that is why we recommend it to you

In the Source code repository

You have the possibility to download directly from opensimulator Source code repository.
It could be that functions do not work and / or database modifications are added later
This is entirely up to you

In the Previous releases

You can download earlier versions

In the Developers and Testers

You can find more information about the Developer version for opensim

In the Related Software

You can find other software that can work with opensim

And Now ?

We take the safe route and opt for Binary Packages Current release
and download the latest version that is out, if you have retrieved it
then you can unpack it for example in (C: / opensim)

If you have unpacked openim then you have default in the folder opensim
a sub folder opensim with the version number behind it, if you open it
you will see all folders and files from opensim, you can select them all
and move to the main folder opensim itself, and then the folder opensim with the version number behind it to be removed, as we no longer need it.

The folder opensim\bin
Is for now the most important folder we deal with so let’s leave it
is going to open and open opensim.exe so that we can make a shortcut of this.

NotePad ++

Than we also need NotePad ++ so we will also download it
and start installing on your system.

When we look for the file opensim.ini in opensim\bin you can open it with notepad ++
Where you can read and set up the opensim.ini file well, but before we do that.
we open Grid Manager again.

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Software Developer at BOANN
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