opensim configration part 1


After the download and installing you get opensim running on your system as a standalone;
you can see this by your self in opensim.ini in the bin folder of your opensim installation.

But it working now on IP-address if you try to log in from a other host, you can`t connect.
so we must change the IP to the IP-address to the IP-address of you current system where opensim is running.
on Windows we can run CMD Command Promt or on Linux and Mac you can run your terminal server

In Windows CMD you type the command “ipconfig” and see for the IPv4 Address
on Linux or Mac please ask google we don`t know this how it work! or leave a comment below how it work.

From the CMD we can Copy or Type the IP-address ,
If you set http:// before the current IP-address, you can copy it and past it in your Web Browser URL
After you did this you get te login box of the Grid Manager and you will login

Inside Grid Manager you go to your Settings option and change the IP-address to your current IP-address,
After this we need to open our Firewall settings on Port 80 so we can connect from a other Host to Grid Manager system.

See for longer explanation the video below our blog.

When we set the firewall correct we can connect our browser to get Grid Manager page..

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