Opensim configuration part 2

From hereon we will set up the other options inside the Grid Manager,
if you follow us a while than we hope you work with it.
Your Local IP-Address of your system,
if you don`t know what I mean, read the page : opensim configuration part 1

If we open the Grid Manager we come on by default on the System Users form there out you can click on the menu Opensimulator,
and scrolling down to the option (What is the name for your opensim Grid) and you can set your grid name
and click on the save button below.

In the next step you click on the left side on Remote Admin
We need remote admin to get the default Manager operational on a non (database environment)

Enable RemoteAdmin set to : On
set you IP-Address or Hostname in the input field : RemoteAdmin Ip / Host (with out http or https)

In the input field RemoteAdmin Port you can set any port you like
as last option we need a password.

After you’re done with all fields you can click on the save button.

We now can go to the menu ini files, and select everything inside from opensim.ini section,
and you can open on your system where opensim is installed the you find the folder bin/ and in side this folder
lot of files, there you search for opensim.ini it self, if you found it, you can open opensim.ini white (notepad++)
and past everything  over from the Grid Manager system and save the file.

After this we do the same whit the file OpensimCommends.ini, you can find this in the folder bin/config-include.

And now we can run opensim for the first time.
when you run opensim for the first time we need to define some questions from the terminal or prompt

New region name [] : give a nice name  and hit enter,

New estate name [My Estate] : give a nice name  and hit enter,

Estate owner first name [Test] : give a nice name  and remember it for yourself.. hit enter,
Estate owner last name [User] : give a nice name  and remember it for yourself.. hit enter,

Password : (when you type, you don`t see it) remember it for yourself..
Email : Someting@someting.something  hit enter,

And we’re done when opensim is running. you can see this in the Grid Manager by Grid info

Your username is as follow : firstname lastname : Password

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