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Developing Grid Manager for Opensimulator

  • Why develop a grid manager for opensimulator ?

    We know there are other systems like Joomla with jopensim, which is a great platform to use.
    And we know as well there are more other systems.
    Some are old, and never updated as well.

    And when you don`t know anything about scripting, or even opensim,
    or you will test it on your home pc, you can`t find anything to help setting up your first account and the root sim.
    There are no tools to help you or there’s lots of documentation to read. http://opensimulator.org

    For people who’re unknown with opensimulator it is quite a task to read all documentation before they can start or test any of this..
    We will change it by developing grid manager.

  • Our developing platform

    We use as baseplatform windows server 2012 R2, netframework 3 and 4
    installed web platform installer with the latest version of php

    On the other system we run linux with directadmin and php7 which is the same system
    as we use for all our websites. This how we know our system will and can be used on other systems as well.

    Inside our network we have our own dns
    so we can work with static ip and domainnames in this case (opensim.boann.home).
    And the latest version of opensimulator.

  • What do we use to build the grid manager

    In the first case we need a database, our choice is mysql,
    Why ? Because most hosters will work with it.

    Database connection is with pdo.
    Why ? PDO can work with other database connections as MSSQL.
    Later on we can test the grid manager on different database connections

    Why ? AngulerJS is a javascript framework even Gmail is build on it.

    UI Material Design
    Why ? UI Material Design is the google first choice of design for websites and backhand.
    so you as user can recognize it what is what.

  • Help

    Even we will need to test our own system and could use some help,
    when you are intrested to help us and grow together.
    please contact us by email.. info(@)boann(.)eu

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