what is angulerjs

AngulerJS is a javascript framework libary.

A much used method to create web applications in Java is the use of frameworks and technology
like JSF, GWT, Vaadin Wicket and/or Seam.

With these frameworks you program the business logic in Java and you often use a templating
language to built your web pages. The web front end and the business logic are often integrated.

These last few years you’ll see more and more full-fledged web applications. The complete
front end is built in Javascript and the back-end services communicate via REST.
Like you might know from Javascript libraries sucj as backbone.js, ember.js and knockout.js.
Recently added to that list is AngularJS.

AngularJS is a javscript library developed by Google.
It ables you to built in an easy, intuitive and declarative way web applications.

Harrit van Beek

Founder at BOANN
Software Developer at BOANN
System architect at BOANN

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